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As a business owner - Life's busy. And expensive.

Let's get down to business to see how Fingo can improve your cash flow.
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Having staff means, having to pay salaries. Do you know how much you pay per salary transaction? We think you will be surprised by how much you are paying. With Fingo, we will help you reduce your fees and ensure your staff get paid, on time, everytime.

Most businesses are used to waiting for customer to pay them and the having in to chase them for money. If this is your business, our debit order collection service will reduce the pain of having to chase customers for your money and improve your cash flow.

A lot of businesses provide products upfront, before they are paid. We know that it could be a big risk for your business, and you stress about getting paid. With Fingo, we provide Account Verification services which can be added to your invoicing procedure to reduce the changes of fraudulent transactions affecting your business.

If you invoice the same customers month after month, consider implement a direct debit order collection system. Simply ask your customers to complete a debit order mandate and we will take care of the rest.

Remembering passwords and logging onto different accounts to manage your financial processes means there is more admin for you to do. Imagine one online account that is built to allow you access to anytime/anywhere payments, debit order collections and manage your complete accounting workflow A to Z.


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Subscription Fee
R 199 00
R 250 00
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Debit Order Collections
Account Verification
Online Mandate Management
Payments (Supplier/Payroll)
Unlimited Users
Pro-Forma Invoices
Credit Notes
Purchase Orders
Supplier Invoices
Debit Notes
Bank Statement Integration
SMS's included in monthly subscription 200 350

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Our Account Verification Service (AVS) connects to all major banks and allows you to:
- verify that the bank account details your client provides is correct.
- match your clients details to the correct bank account holder.
This is useful when you provide your product / service before you collect money from your clients.

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Debit order

Are you concerned about which of your customers will be paying you at the end of the month? Implement the FinGo debit order and collections tool, which includes Authenticated Collections (AC) and Mandate Management for instant results! Our online debit order collections facility is tailored to suit the urgency of the funds that need to be collected.

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Our payment solution will save you time and money by:
- Allowing for bulk payments to all your employees simultaneously.
- Increasing the accounting accuracy of payments.
- All payments require you to select the appropriate expense before payment can be made.

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Be smart. Get smarter with our Fingo Accounting solution that will make you believe you have an accountant at your fingertips. Our online accounting package can automate, create, manage, pay and reconcile all your business financials in one. Unlimited number of user, fully customisable user permissions and an easy to use interface is but a few of the many features FinGo offers.

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A Fingo Wallet keeps your business on the go!

We understand that your business is your priority, which is why a Fingo account helps you manage your business accounting and finances with ease.

You choose

You choose your payment package to suit your needs. Answer our 5 quick questions to see which Fingo solution will save you money and ensure that your business always remains agile.

Transparent Pricing

Don't pay more for transaction fees if you don't have to. We have negotiated the lowest fees so you know exactly what you are paying for at any given time.

Financials on the go

We are not bogged down by traditional and big business thinking. Our sign on process is quick and simple so you are up and running in no time at all.

Cloud solution

Our online accounting and payments solution talks to each other integrates your information seamlessly and doesn't charge you annual licensing, training or consulting fees.

Information on the go

Our modern dashboard is structured to allow you access to anytime/anywhere payments and collections, giving you complete control over your cash flow.

Payments on the go

Our Fingo solution pays and collects money in real time so you worry less about paying your staff on time which simplifies your financial worries.

Less Admin

Automate your mandate management process, debtor collection procedures, payments to staff, customers and suppliers, so that your business is constantly kept on the go.

No limits

Fingo wants to make sure you get out the office and keep your business on the go. Add as many users to your account as you want and we won't charge you extra.

Reconciliation comes standard

Our smart reconciliation service will allow you to know who you've collected from, what your costs are and when you can expect to receive your money.

What do our customers say about Fingo?

"We are new users to the Fingo System and since we started using it, we found it to be structured, easy accessible and user friendly. The Customer Support is excellent and on point. The fact that your debit orders, banking and financial transactions can be integrated, makes this system perfect for any business, having a complete financial system in one. We would recommend the Fingo System with ease to any Business Owner, small or large." Amanda van der Merwe - SDF Corp

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