Account Verification Service

Account Verification
AVS | Account Verification Service

AVS – Account Verification Service

It always helps to know your clients, especially if you provide goods or services before you receive your cash. Understanding and managing your clients is crucial, and is an easily overlooked part of many businesses. This is why we’ve developed the Account Verification Service (AVS).


AVS allows you the ability to make sure your client has in fact given you the correct details. This is especially useful in situations where you provide your product/service before you collect money from your clients (such as Internet Service Providers, etc.).


As our system connects to all the major South African banks, we can help ensure your clients actually operate the bank accounts that they claim to use. This will give you the peace of mind that if they purchase goods or services from you, you will be able to collect your fees subject to them having the necessary funds in their account.


Knowing for sure that your clients’ information is accurate, makes good business sense. AVS will help lower the risk and occurrence of failed debit order collections and will ensure that your cash flow is not jeopardised by incorrect banking details.

We Understand Your Business Is Growing. So Simplify Your Workflow With A Fingo Account.

With expectations high and deadlines looming, you need to be freed up from worrying about paying staff on time or ensuring that money owed is collected consistently and without fail. We do that. We simplify your finances, automate your business processes and digitise your world.

"We are new users to the Fingo System and since we started using it, we found it to be structured, easily accessible and user-friendly. The Customer Support is excellent and on point. The fact that your debit orders, banking, and financial transactions can be integrated, makes this system perfect for any business, having a complete financial system in one. We would recommend the Fingo System with ease to any Business Owner, small or large."
Amanda van der Merwe / SDF Corp
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