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Debit Order Collections

Debit Order Collections

Reduce your stress and free up some time at the end of the month by using the FinGo tool. By managing your cash flow, this tool takes care of clients and payments, ensuring payments are made timeously. Our online debit order collections facility is tailored to suit the urgency of the funds that need to be collected.


Collecting money is only half the battle most of the time, and reconciliation is the other half. FinGo provides comprehensive reporting to show you, not only how we reconciled your account but which of your clients still owe you money, which ones have a positive trend in successful collections and much more. Additionally, all of our reports are exportable to Excel format, which will allow you to create and manipulate your own reports.


Our system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will allow you to manage your clients and your suppliers with the same amount of ease. Our system is designed to be flexible so you can load, run, track and manage your collections from your office, on the road, or even overseas.


Accurately keep track of which of your clients you’ve successfully collected from and who still owes you money. Our system does the reconciliation for you, so that you don’t have to sift through endless reams of information.


At FinGo we make provision for various types of users on the system. We allow there to be a distinction between users who capture the data, authorise the transactions, and even pay out the collected funds. This is useful for businesses that wish to keep a close eye on their data.


While loading 5 transactions can be done manually, we do allow bulk uploads of data to the system. Our bulk-importer is compatible with most accounting packages and will dramatically speed up the interface between your accounting interface, our system and back again.


Our advanced reconciliation engine will allow you to immediately know who you’ve collected from, what your costs are and when you can expect to receive your money.

We Understand Your Business Is Growing. So Simplify Your Workflow With A Fingo Account.

With expectations high and deadlines looming, you need to be freed up from worrying about paying staff on time or ensuring that money owed is collected consistently and without fail. We do that. We simplify your finances, automate your business processes and digitise your world.

"We are new users to the Fingo System and since we started using it, we found it to be structured, easily accessible and user-friendly. The Customer Support is excellent and on point. The fact that your debit orders, banking, and financial transactions can be integrated, makes this system perfect for any business, having a complete financial system in one. We would recommend the Fingo System with ease to any Business Owner, small or large."
Amanda van der Merwe / SDF Corp
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