Managing the day-to-day administration of any business can be cumbersome and time-consuming. This is especially true when it comes to paying out salaries and wages to your employees. At FinGo we offer a bulk payments solution that will save you money and take away the headache of processing payment orders individually.


Running multiple payment transactions with your local bank can become costly, especially if you have many employees on the payroll. With FinGo’s payment solution, we’ll charge much less per transaction than any bank in South Africa. Although all prices vary significantly, clients taking advantage of our payout system can expect to see per transaction savings of anywhere up to 65%.


FinGo’s payment solution operates on an automated EFT payment system. Once all your employees have been logged onto our system, payment can take place with the push of a button. And as our system integrates with Excel/XML systems, making bulk payments is speedy and efficient.


We make use of the latest and most sophisticated security software, giving you the peace of mind that your private information and funds are safely guarded against intrusion and theft. FinGo’s website provides two forms of security. Firstly, we make use of Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) which ensures all data submitted by you into our systems is encrypted. Secondly, when we process your payouts, our link to the bank is over secure and private connections, meaning your data will always remain safe and secure.


At FinGo we want our customers to have complete control over their payments without having the hassle of trying to log onto slow banking systems on payday. Our solution is structured to allow customers 24/7 access to their account. By delivering payments into your employees’ accounts exactly when specified without fail, we can help you smooth your business’s cash flow while boosting employee satisfaction.


With our easy-to-use user dashboard, you can log onto our system at any point in time and make adjustments to your employees’ salaries or wages, apply increases, add bonuses and so on. Our FinGo system allows you complete control, giving you the flexibility to make payments once you have collected monies owed by your customers. In summary, our system is designed for people who want to make multiple payments without the additional bank fees attached to each transaction. In simple terms, the FinGo service cuts your bank charges and reduces your paperwork. The service is open to any sized business, from micro enterprises to Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) listed companies.

We Understand Your Business Is Growing. So Simplify Your Workflow With A Fingo Account.

With expectations high and deadlines looming, you need to be freed up from worrying about paying staff on time or ensuring that money owed is collected consistently and without fail. We do that. We simplify your finances, automate your business processes and digitise your world.

"We are new users to the Fingo System and since we started using it, we found it to be structured, easily accessible and user-friendly. The Customer Support is excellent and on point. The fact that your debit orders, banking, and financial transactions can be integrated, makes this system perfect for any business, having a complete financial system in one. We would recommend the Fingo System with ease to any Business Owner, small or large."
Amanda van der Merwe / SDF Corp
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